Sven Helbig – Frost | Contemporary Dance Video

by Marypublished on June 15, 2021

Combining stunning visuals and Sven Helbig’s piece, “Frost”, this moving contemporary dance video will have astonish you with its beauty.

Directed by: Jo Roy

Produced by: DanceOn, Alex Hinsky, Janelle Gallant

Dancers: Juliette Irons, Liv Hutchings, Devan Medrano, Alex Palminteri, Dani Scaringe, Kenzie McClure, Rachel Robles, Hannah Dragomer, Alek Palinski, Kelly Browning, Jordan Johnson, Noel Arreola, Gaby Hernandez, Alex Gibbons, Sammi Nussbaum, Sam LaFrance

Director of Photography: Cheok Wai-Lei

Duet Choreography: Juliette Irons, Alek Palinski

1st AC: Luisa Betancur

Grips: Jared Towler, Noah Goldman

Stunts: David Molleck

PA: Quincy Wang

Color: Anthony Harris

Music: Frost by Sven Helbig