SWORD DANCE | Arabellas Bellydance Troup

by Marypublished on July 15, 2022

Arabellas Bellydance with Tais

Annual Students Show “Desert Rose”.
A swords dance by Arabellas BellydanceTroupe.
Choreography by: Tais Derbasova

Tais Derbasova is a multi-award winning international Bellydance instructor, performer and choreographer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has studied under internationally renowned teachers and choreographers of Oriental Dance. Her previous training in gymnastics and ballet help her today to incorporate the fluid motion and natural rhythm into her performances and choreographies.

Since moving to New Zealand from Russia in 2007 she started up her own Belly Dance School “ARABELLAS BELLY DANCE”.

She regularly travels around New Zealand and overseas with workshops and performances sharing her extensive knowledge and passion with Belly Dance with others.

Tais is also the artistic director of the renowned professional Bellydance Troupe Arabellas. The troupe regularly performs at festivals and other major events throughout New Zealand and internationally

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