Taly Hanafy Choreography| Bell’Masry Dance Company

by Marypublished on June 29, 2022

Choreography by Taly Hanafy for Bell’Masry Dance Company
Inta Omri – Oum Kalthoum (by Hossam Ramzy Band)
Costume : Julia Mitsai
Event : Oriental Marathon Festival by Sharon Mesguich
Video by Vladimir Kluchenkov

Bell’Masry is an Egyptian dance and music company created in 2013. Bell’Masry’s founders are Taly (originally from France) and Kareem GaD (originally from Egypt). They decided to put their desire and their complementarity in common to honor the heritage of Egyptian living arts; and in particular dance.

Taly and Kareen already have had long careers behind them of more than 10 years. They share their passion for dance across many countries as dancers, teachers and choreographers. The both of them share the love of their art with passion through courses and internships. They are specialists in the history of Egyptian dance and music; and have both practical and extensive theoretical knowledge. 

Taly and Kareem Gad produced and created the show “Ramy and Julietta” freely inspired by William Shakespeare’s novel. It was presented in the legendary Bobino theater in Paris in 2015.

Bell’Masry means “by the Egyptians” in literary Arabic. They stress the importance of the permanent link to Egypt in the work of the company. The values ​​of Bell’Masry are that the feeling of dance and the cultural richness associated with the professional requirement.