Temple Fusion Style | Shakti Fusion Dances Singapore

by Marypublished on July 7, 2022

The signature TEMPLE FUSION STYLE utilizes mudras and arm positions from Classical Indian Dance. It emphasizes hip positions & body shapes from different temple dances such as Indian and Balinese.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance is a modern dance form which evolved from the Tribal Bellydance scene in the 80s and 90s in the Westcoast of the US. More recently, it is also known as Datura Style®, created by Rachel Brice.

TFB is an expressive fusion dance which portrays confident attitude and feminine power. Traditional bellydance moves are taken and danced in various energies and in multiple dimensions to create illusion and art. Iconic movements are for example bodywave, sidewinder and side-to-side undulations. Their students cross-study techniques from Urban dances. Movements of other dances can be fused too and give endless opportunity for self-expression and artistic development.

Join their Singapore Troupe!

They welcome students of every level of dance proficiency and encourage them to explore new movements in their body. They also encourage students to connect with the music and to express emotion. Tribal Fusion Bellydance is not only a performance art but also a way to channel your own style . Join Shakti Fusion Dances to learn steps and technique in a supportive environment and systematic approach. In their Tribal Fusion classes you will first build a strong foundation by learning the basics and gradually build up to more complex combinations. They do not only teach you, but over time you will feel empowered to teach yourself!

Music: David Starfire – Lapis
Videography: Jimmy Tan Pictures
Creative Director: Isabelle Mokross
Choreographic inspiration: Imaya Sabine
Dancers: Anastasia Kuchuk, Isabelle Mokross, Veronique Teo

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Facebook/Instagram: @Isabelle Mokross