by Marypublished on October 28, 2021


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December 2021
$1.99 / $50 (festival pass)

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Director: Joseph Enaje, Lori Endes

(Canada, 2020) 79:59 min

Genre: Documentary | Ballet

Facing financial challenges and constant risks of injury, an innovative ballet company strives to bring the iconic Canadian story of Anne of Green Gables to new diverse audiences.

Dance on film presents an opportunity to view the art form up close, offering a unique perspective to the live experience. Documentaries also grant filmmakers the opportunity to see behind the scenes, allowing a better understanding of the motivations of people who do what they do for their craft. “This is Ballet” follows a different kind of dance company, that doesn’t fit a cookie-cutter version of a dancer, performer, or storyteller. This story is a window into the heart, soul, and talent of a dance company whose mission is to serve all people, artists, and audiences alike.

With this film we did not want to simply tell the story of a ballet company creating an original ballet, we wanted to show it through their perspective and have them reveal who they are and what they are trying to do. Filming the artists in the studio and behind the stage, and seeing the raw passion that went into creating this ballet was such a visceral experience. While watching from behind the camera, we could feel the stress, the joy, and the accomplishments of the dancers and the creative team. We hope we can extend even a glimpse of that passion onto the viewers of this film.

Director: Joseph Enaje, Lori Endes

Writer: Joseph Enaje, Lori Endes, Marcello Ferrara

Executive Producers: Luigi Ferrara, Trent Scherer

Producer: Lori Endes, Andrew Wright

Editors: Jo Enaje, Michael Nguyen, Elli Raynai, Marcello Ferrara

Key Cast: Hannah Mae Cruddas, Hiroto Saito, Clea Iveson, Daniel Da Silva, Bengt Jörgen, Heinar Piller, Sue LePage