by Marypublished on November 4, 2021

TRANSCEND- Film Festival

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December 2021
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An interview-style documentary, Transcend focuses on the world-famous street dancer, Boogie Frantick, and his true story in which a drug run gone wrong lands him in an LA prison. The story is set up and given context by the main character, Boogie, who describes his background in life and in dance up to, through, and past the event of his incarceration. Sub characters include members of Boogie’s family as well as references to street dancers and styles throughout history that have influenced his career.

Boogie details the dangers of the gang and police violence he faced in East LA. Boogie’s personal account gives insight into the systematic oppression and utter lack of choices faced by the Chicano community in and around LA, including gang violence, poverty, discrimination, and incarceration. With a troubled background of poverty and abuse in his youth leaving him at high risk, Boogie dances to evade gang involvement, developing his talent as a street dancer and growing within the dance community. From a passionate young dancer to gaining high-profile dance opportunities in Hollywood, Boogie tells of his struggles to balance a full-time day job with his dance career. Taking a chance on pursuing his life in dance full time, Boogie flies to a paid dance gig in Montreal, Canada, where he is stopped at the border for a past traffic violation. Unable to enter the country to perform and without money to return to LA, Boogie calls his girlfriend for help and finds himself accepting $20,000 to mule a package from Amsterdam to LAX.

Mixed up in something much bigger than he realized, Boogie describes his motivations for taking the risk and his transformation while in prison. With the support of his dance community at every public trial, weekend nights spent training in his cell to mixes on LA radio stations, and through daily meditation, Boogie survives his biggest fear of being murdered as was his late brother. Released in 2015, his dedication to training and attention to detail while incarcerated led to great successes upon his re-entrance into the dance scene. Boogie Frantick is currently revered as one of the best Poppers in the world.

Director: Conrad Kaczor

(USA, 2021) 51:46 min

Genre: Documentary | Street Dance