Who Got the Pain? | Lauren Froderman & Allison Holker

by Marypublished on May 30, 2022

Lauren Froderman and All-Star Allison Holker dance to “Who’s Got the Pain?” from Damn Yankees.

Choreography by Tyce Diorio
Dancers: Lauren Froderman, Allison Holker (Allstar)
Music: Who’s Got the Pain? – Damn Yankees

This season featured a combination of the Top 20 format from seasons 2–6 and the All-Star format from season 7. The finals began with a Top 20. When the show reached Top 10 week, contestants from previous seasons (the All-Stars) partnered current contestants in individual dance genres. Lythgoe has noted that although fans of the show complained about season 7’s format[ and missed “the interconnection between people who had never been in competition before,” “putting [contestants] with an All-Star lifted their game immensely,” which informed his decision to combine the two formats and try to “have the best of both worlds.” This season also marked the first time that the public was able to cast their votes by SMS or online, in addition to calling in, with a limit of 50 votes per viewer (info from wikipedia)